Our Stores

We now have two stores in Ventura County! The Mister Softee store in Camarillo, CA is a one-of-a-kind creation located at 2100 E Ventura Blvd. in old Town Camarillo.   A throwback ice cream parlor that gives a nod to the history of Mister Softee, and brings back some qualities of ice cream parlors of old, like black and white checkered floors, a water cooler in the dining area for free water, and 50s music playing on the stereo (usually). There is ample seating which creates a place where the community can come hang out, meet, people watch, and enjoy great ice cream and great service. And now, we have a second location! 7770 Telegraph Rd. in Ventura, CA. This location is open now, and awaiting a retrofit to the front entrance that will make it open air. Enjoy the Mister Softee timeline and similar décor as you wait to place your order at a window reminiscent of ordering from one of our trucks!

Store #1 located in Old Town Camarillo, is nestled along a picturesque avenue that is also home to a variety of Camarillo’s best restaurants; Bandits, 2088, BLVD Burger, Sushi Planet to name a few. Old Town is also home to numerous barbers, salons, and spas, so you can also grab a cone after your cut!

In the early stages of planning the business, a retail location was part of the vision. Once we got the first truck rolling we were barraged with calls and emails on a daily basis asking where the truck was. We also were asked over and over again if we had a store. Add to that, the availability of a good location, so before our two-year anniversary, we opened our first brick and mortar location. Mister Softee is an ice cream truck company, so with the blessing of the company, we were on our own to design the concept, expand the menu, and create something people wanted to visit. There are a small number (4-5) of Mister Softee stands back east, but nothing like the shop in Camarillo.

In addition to ‘The Very Best’ soft serve, we are offering Dairy Free Dole Whip Soft Serve, a selection of hard scoop ice cream (including Vegan Coconut Bliss), Italian Ices, and fresh baked goods and other snacks and drinks. The Ventura location also offers Oatly Vegan Chocolate Soft Serve.   

The Mister Softee store is great for fundraisers, and is very easy to execute. We work together to promote the event and get people into the shop and a portion of sales is donated back to your school or organization. We are also happy to reserve table space for small parties, team parties and get-togethers and have package deals available.

Email booksoftee@gmail.com to book your store event.