So, Is It True? A Mister Softee Secret Menu?

mister-softee-sprinklesOne thing you will notice when Mister Softee hits the streets of Ventura County this summer is our dedication to soft serve ice cream. We won’t be selling frozen novelties, candy, or hot dogs, and this isn’t frozen yogurt, or ‘ice milk’ that you might get from some fast food places. This is real soft serve ice cream, with a variety of toppings to choose from. We are equipped with the finest Electro Freeze soft serve ice cream machine, delivering tasty swirls of Chocolate, Vanilla, or a twist of both!

In the tradition of great restaurants people love, like In-N-Out Burger, you will notice our menu is fairly simple. A few types of cones (cake, double, or waffle) sundaes, shakes, and floats in various flavors such as our famous banana boat, and our delicious SoCal Dip (vanilla dipped in chocolate coated with caramel and sea salt). Now, these ingredients can be mixed and matched in any way you dream up, so variety is never an issue!

Fans of Mister Softee from ‘Back East’ might be saying, “But where’s The Black Cat, or The Rosebud?” Have no fear; we’ve got them…and more….you just need to know about the secret menu. Add to that, we are always open to your new ideas….maybe some day we’ll have a cone or sundae named after You!

Here’s a list of cones to get you going:

  • The Black Cat:
    Double chocolate cone, chocolate sprinkles, chocolate dipped ears, and a cherry nose
  • The Shaggy Dog:
    Double vanilla cone, chocolate dipped ears, chocolate sprinkles, and a cherry nose
  • The Double Rainbow:
    Double vanilla cone, cherry dipped tops, rainbow sprinkles, and a cherry nose
  • The Rose Bud:
    Double vanilla cone dipped in cherry with a cherry on top
  • The Dip n’ Roll:
    Your cone dipped in chocolate or cherry then rolled in chocolate or rainbow sprinkles.
  • The Double Dip:
    Your cone dipped in chocolate and cherry dip
  • The Secret Surprise:
    Your cone is coated with chocolate dip and sprinkles on the inside, then we fill it with ice cream and add the topping
  • The ‘Carlos’:
    Start with chocolate ice cream dipped in Oreo crunch cookie bits, then top it with some vanilla that is then dipped in chocolate
  • Salted Chocolate:
    Chocolate with sea salt

Sundaes and other stuff…

  • Dirt and WormsDirt & Worms:
    The kids love this sundae made with vanilla soft serve, blended with Oreo sprinkles and gummy worms
  • Dusty Roads:
    Vanilla soft serve with chocolate sauce, dusted with malt powder
  • Mix and match your shake flavors:
    How about pineapple/banana, chocolate/cherry, or coffee/caramel?
  • Brownie Sundae:
    Check out our specials. We will have different ingredients on board that we will be able to top your sundae with or even blend together

Once we get things rolling, we will update this blog with other new ideas. If you are having Mister Softee out for a party, fundraiser, or other event, we recommend you share this ‘Secret Menu’ with your guests, employees, and ice cream eaters before we arrive. They will be so excited and we’ll get to provide everyone an awesome Mister Softee experience.